MiniCat Accessories Buyer's Guide

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MiniCat Accessories Buyer's Guide

MiniCat has been at this for over a decade and after thousands of boats sold they have created the largest selection of accessories of any inflatable sailboat manufacturer! With a large selection comes a bit of confusion about what accessories you need and what accessories you don't. The last thing we want is for you to buy something you will never use!

Below I will, hopefully, shed some light on which accessories best suit your needs so you don't end up with a garage full of accessories that you never use!

Pressure Gauge (Guppy / 310 / 420 / 460)

The MiniCat does not include a pressure gauge. Without this gauge it can be quite difficult to tell if you are at optimal hull pressure. Having hulls over-inflated can cause serious damage and even a failure out on the water! Under-inflated hulls can also cause a failure out on the water, but almost worse than that would be a serious hit to sailing performance. Don't rob yourself of an amazing MiniCat experience, get this pressure gauge! It is good for spot checking your pressure. Inflating the boat on land and then putting it in cold water may cause a pressure drop due to the cold water condensing the air inside the hulls.

Speedy Electric Pump (Guppy / 310 / 420 / 460)

The MiniCat comes with a small hand pump, but this $99 accessory has a "set it and forget it" feature. Simply dial the pressure to 3.7 psi and the pump will shut off when the pressure is reached! You can start working on other parts of assembly while the hulls are inflating, and you wont be winded (pun mostly not intended) before your boat is built!

Front Trampoline (310 / 420 / 460)

The Front Trampoline for the MiniCat models are fantastic. They cut down on spray, and instead of being just a netting, it is shaped like a bag. You can stuff all sorts of things in there from gear to picnic food and it will keep the main trampoline uncluttered!

Transport Trolley (420 / 460)

This is a nice set of wheels that are great for both transporting your boat from your car (if you use your car battery to power your Speedy Electric Pump) or from your RV spot to the water's edge. It is also nice to store the boat on, as you should not leave your boat resting on the keels for long periods of time, as it can stretch out the tabs on the bottom of the hulls.

Engine Support (420 / 460)

This is pretty straightforward. If you think you will need a motor for the MiniCat this is the accessory for you! Pair this with the Torqeedo 503 Travel and you have a dual purpose boat with a motor that can survive a capsize!

Two Smaller Bags (310)

The MiniCat 310 can be ordered with Two bags instead of one. This makes carrying the bags much easier as it divides the weight carried at one time by half. Instead of one bag weight 71 lbs, it would be two bags at under 35 lbs each!

Wind Vane (420 / 460)

The Wind Vane is great for sailors that prefer a wind indicator at the top of the mast. This will point into your apparent wind direction while underway so you know when you are about to go into irons. This is a good tool for beginner sailors. (420 / 460)

Telescopic Paddle (Guppy / 310 / 420 / 460)

This paddles takes up a little more room than a shoe box, but is nice to paddle the boat along. The MiniCat boats are all very lightweight and move very nicely under paddle. If you have a SUP paddle already, you can use that instead of this.

Protective Rudder Cover (420 / 460)

This is for people who are a little rough on their storage bags, or plan to do lots of traveling with their boats. I would also reserve this for customers that choose a model with a carbon fiber rudder. The fiberglass rudder isn't pretty enough to need to preserve the finish.

Neoprene Shroud Covers (420 / 460)

This is a great accessory for families with young children. This will keep little fingers from getting caught in the shroud brackets. The shroud brackets are the #1 hand holds for passengers aboard the MiniCat, so if you think it might be an issue, this $15 would be well spent.

Protective Cover (420 / 460)

This is for the customers that want to leave their MiniCat assembled for weeks or months at a time. It is good at keeping sunlight exposure at a minimum, but also great for keeping the bird poop off of your trampoline and hulls!

Inflatable Seats (420 / 460)

There are customers who love these. I personally don't see the need for them, they don't fit my body, but I like to really hike out on these boats and have long legs. If you are sailing a bit more relaxed these would provide some nice butt cushion.

Trapeze Kit (420 / 460)

MiniCat does offer these, but sailors that are used to sitting on a trap wire will be disappointed. These boats don't fly a hull easily, making these wires a bit superfluous.

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