X-Cat - The Next Beach Cat for the Record Books

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X-Cat - The Next Beach Cat for the Record Books



X-Cat is the perfect multi-sport catamaran. It is the ultimate sailing, motoring, and rowing machine all rolled into one amazing boat. X-Cat has taken everything you know about boating and flipped it on it's head!


Instead of buying a boat much like you buy your cable plan you can now buy a beach cat a la carte. You can choose a pre-assembled package that includes the most common setups, or you can pick and choose what features you want.


X-Cat Basic X-Cat Sail X-Cat Row Motion X-Cat Row Motion Pro
X-Cat Basic X-Cat Sail X-Cat Row Motion RowVista Logo

Just the Boat

~ 2 minute assembly time.

 Total Weight: 121 lbs

Everything included in the X-Cat Basic plus the entire sail rig.

~ 10 minute assembly time.

Total Weight: 165 lbs

Everything included in the X-Cat Basic plus a standard Row Motion package and oar kit.

~ 5 minute assembly time.

Total Weight: 140 lbs

Everything included in the X-Cat Basic plus the RowVista package.

~ 5 minute assembly time

Total Weight: 151 lbs


Standard X-Cat Packages



X-Cat A La Carte Menu

X-Cat Basic $4,500
Sail 8.4 Sail Package $3,200
Crossbar with Outboard Mounting Bracket $665
Torqeedo Travel 503 Long Shaft $1,600
RowVista Package $2,700
Row Motion Package (without oars) $900
X-Cat Carbon Fiber Oars (pair) $850

X-Cat Sailing 


The X-Cat is a superb sailboat, With 90 square feet of sail area and weighing in at only 165 pounds the boat boasts a SA/D ratio of 42.5, only slightly less than a Hobie Getaway's 54 with 180 square feet of sail area and weighing 390 pounds. The advantages to a lighter boat are decreased tendency to heel, better control and faster acceleration. The sailors are the heaviest part of the X-Cat, whereas with a Getaway, it is still the boss. You are far more apt to fly a hull and capsize a Getaway than you are with an X-Cat. The X-Cat converts the heeling winds on a Getaway into neck breaking acceleration on an X-Cat!


X-Cat Row Motion Pro


X-Cat is a rower's dream! X-Cat does something you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else: Row in the direction you are facing. The X-Cat RowVista has a innovative rowing design which allows the rower to row as they typically would (with a sliding seat and all) and actually be able to see where he is going instead of only looking where they have already been! 


RowVista also features an innovative oar design. The blade of the oar rotates automatically into the horizontal position when it moves out of the water. As soon as the oar lifts out of the water it rotates when the handle is pressed downwards. We call this patented system ABR - Automatic Blade Rotation. Rowing is much easier to learn with the RowVista system than with conventional-style rowing because the ABR system ensures an efficient rowing action.


Torqeedo Travel 503 Long Shaft


The lasts piece of the puzzle is no slouch. The X-Cat also features an optional rear crossbar with an outboard mounting bracket. This will allow anyone to mount any outboard up to 3 hp to the back of the boat for when the wind just wont cooperate. The Travel 503 is our outboard of choice as they don't require gas or other combustibles, they start with the push of a button, they are completely waterproof and can even charge any phones or speakers etc that uses a USB cable. The outboard would mount on the stern rail and the boat steers via the tiller. Don't let the wind best you, or dictate how far you can sail before turning back, with this option you can sail until you can sail no more, then motor home! The Torqeedo 503 Travel even has optional accessories for charging the battery via a small solar panel.


X-Cat easy to carry


The X-Cat can be car topped by a normal person. There is no need to be an NFL athlete to carry this boat from your car to the beach because no one part of the boat is too heavy for an average person to handle. The heaviest part of any X-Cat are the hulls weighing in at a very manageable 38 lbs each.


Watch the below video to see just how easy it is to set up the boat. If you keep watching you will see fast the boat accelerates when the sheets are trimmed, if this boat could do a burn-out, it would!



We understand that inflatable boats are not for everyone, which is how we found X-Cat. Just because you don't like the inflatable technology doesn't mean you should be denied the chance to own an ultra-portable sailboat!


X-Cat in stock ready to ship


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