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For a long time I have dreamed to own a sailboat, but don't have the space to have a towable one. Storage and transport were major concerns since I live an hour and a half from the nearest sailable lake. I learned about MiniCat and was completely amazed about its features. Alex did a good job taking me and my family for a demo sail and the deal was closed the same day. Now we own a 420 emotion and it is our dream turned into reality.

Fernando Rivera MiniCat 420 owner since 2018

The X Cat is fast, easy to rig & de-rig, NO trailed needed, easy to learn on, much less likely to capsize or pitch poll when sailing fast. I'm no longer concerned about sailing solo in the ocean. I'm very old & the X Cat and Alex Caslow have extended my sailing experience by several years.

Thank God for Alex Caslow at Red Beard Sailing and for the X Cat Catamaran!

Richard C. Levy XCAT owner since 2017

We were nervous to take the plunge and buy our first sailboat. We don't have a ton of space and did not want to invest in a car to tow/towing but wanted to have fun sailing. When we found the MiniCat we were so excited!

We have now taken our MiniCat in our Subaru across the country and it is easy to put together and practice our sailing. I also have to add that Alex and the crew at RedBeard were SUPER helpful with all our questions and needs!!! 5 stars all around!!!

Megan Shanley MiniCat 420 owner since 2016

In two packs you can take it as luggage on an intercontinental plane, and with all that it is still a sporty and exciting sailing boat. Being a Cat is also useful on a pond with shallow grounds. I have sailed in ponds and rivers and seas and in the small boat section there are none better than the 310. Fabulous.

And thank you Redbeard for an excellent service.

Jerome Nollet MiniCat owner since 2017

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